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Everybody wants a PC monitor with HDMI. Why? because it is hands down the most useful port to have in a display device. So many devices across the board use HDMI to interface with display devices. Devices like Blue-Ray players, cameras, smart phones, gaming consoles and of course PCs, all use HDMI as their prime connectivity port. There is absolutely no doubt, at the moment, that this is the most widespread and supported port in the market for displays.

Purpose of this Article

We have written several articles on monitors here, most of which already have HDMI ports. The thing is, most of the high end monitor such as professional or gaming monitors definitely have HDMI ports. The only category in which it takes a bit of searching sometimes is in the ultra low budget.

This article aims to provide you with a few affordable monitors with HDMI. Perhaps you want to connect to a DVD player or perhaps to a gaming console, sometimes HDMI ports becomes a need. You can get adapters if you want that convert different ports to HDMI, but that damages the quality by a small margin. Plus a good adapter would add to the cost of your overall setup.

Performance of HDMI

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an interface in which audio and video is combined. So you don’t need a separate sound port and video port. With other ports that are common on monitors such as DVI-D or VGA, you would need to have a separate audio port.

Another advantage of HDMI is that it clearly has much better visual quality than DVI-D and VGA. It is a bit lacking when you compare it with DisplayPort quality, but still it is very close. HDMI is built to deliver HD and Full HD resolution. However, it doesn’t just stop there. This interface also supports 3D, even higher resolution like WQHD and 4K, and faster refresh rates.

Furthermore, HDMI cables even support Ethernet connectivity. So with compatible devices, you could even share internet and files.

You can learn a lot more about HDMI here.

Right HDMI Cable

PC monitor with HDMIThere are many types of HDMI cables out there designed for different tasks and differentiated by their price point.

The first is the most common one: HDMI Standard. This cable is designed for normal home use and support HD and 1080i resolutions

HDMI Standard Ethernet is a cable that can be used for interfacing and network connectivity. Video quality wise it has the performance as the HDMI Standard.

Next up is the HDMI High Speed. These are more expensive than the HDMI Standard Cables. They support resolution of 1080p and more. They support WQHD resolution as well as 3D and 4K technology.

Like the HDMI Standard, HDMI High Speed also has the Ethernet variant. It performs the function of network connectivity along with high quality video.

The most expensive of them all is the HDMI Premium. It also has an Ethernet Variant. They are designed for best performance with 4K technology and can support higher frames and very deep colors.

List of PC Monitor with HDMI Port

So now that you have a clearer idea about what HDMI is and what kind of cables exist, let us look at some of the PC monitors with HDMI in 2016.

Acer R240HY bidx – Budget PC Monitor with HDMI Port

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 4ms Response Time. 60 Hz
Notable Features: Budget Friendly
Price Scale: 1/10


Not only does this monitor have a beautiful design profile, it also has a very slim bezel. It is one the latest budget monitors to have hit the market. One of the great attraction of this monitor is that it features IPS panel. Previously monitors with IPS panels were expensive to purchase, not anymore. If you are looking for an affordable multi monitor setup, you will find this monitor quite useful to your taste.

Just remember that the IPS panel on this monitor is not the best one in the market. Why? Well, because you get what you pay for. Monitors with high grade IPS panels are at least twice as expensive. For an average user, the differences may not even be visible. If you just want a normal 24″ monitor that has an HDMI then get this one.

Along with HDMI, it also has DVI and VGA port. With this, you can interface multiple devices. You could have your console etc connected to HDMI and your PC to the VGA port.

LG ELECTRONICS 24MP88HV-S – Latest and Greatest PC Monitor with HDMI

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 5ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: 99% sRGB Coverage, On-screen Split, Black Stabilizer
Ports: 2 x HDMI, DVI – D
Price Scale: 2/10

This is one of the best, if not the best monitor, to have hit the market recently. It is fairly priced, utilizes a high quality IPS panel and has gorgeous looks. The stunning aesthetics is only matched by the beautiful visuals. Thanks to the 99% coverage of sRGB color gamut, this monitor can display true colors. Although this monitor has an average static contrast ratio of 1000:1, the black stabilizer technology really takes the level of black and whites to the next level.

This monitor  does not have one, but two HDMI ports. Along with that that, it has a DVI port. The multiple HDMI ports is a great feature to have. Many will see the benefit of having this feature. Along with that, this monitor also features 75mm VESA mounting holes. The native stand of this monitor is spectacular; however, if you wish to hook the monitor on the wall on a separate dedicated stand, you can do so easily with the VESA mounting holes.

Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ

Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ – 24″ – Ultimate Frameless Monitor

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 8 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: VESA (100mm),  Qi/PMA Wireless Charging
Ports: Display Port, mDP, HDMI, Headphone Port, USB Hub
Price Scale: 3/10

This list would be incomplete without the mentioning of a Dell monitor. Dell Ultrasharp monitors are synonymous with quality monitors. These monitors have the highest quality control and thus best reviews and praise from their customers.

Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ monitor is loaded with features. In terms of connectivity, it has an HDMI port, along with that it has a Display Port as well as a mini Display Port. This is a future proof monitor because a lot of powerful devices are switching to Display Port these days.

One of the most fascinating feature of this monitor is the wireless charging area on the stand. You can use this to charge your Qi/PMA compatible devices. It also a USB hub – a very rare feature to have, and also a fully adjustable stand.


ASUS VC239H – 23″ – Affordable Frameless Monitor

Display: 23″, AH-IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 5ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: VESA Mount, Stereo Speakers
Price Scale: 1.5/10


This is yet another budget laptop but it is from a quality brand. The design of this monitor is lacking and may seem old school, but it has the functionality as any monitor its category. None in this list can match the price point of this monitor. This monitor offers a high quality IPS panel, along with that, it also has a fast response time making it ideal for gamers.

The connectivity options on this monitor include, HDMI, VGA and DVI-D port. This is more than enough especially for a monitor of this price. One of the best feature of this monitor is the VESA mount. Given the thin bezel, you can hook two or three of these monitors on dedicated VESA stands and have yourself a very affordable thin bezel monitor setup.

ASUS VG248QE – Gaming PC Monitor with HDMI

budget asus monitorDisplay: 24″, TN Panel, 1920 x 1080, 1 ms Response Time, 144Hz, G-Sync
Price Scale: 2.5/10


Most of the gaming monitors out there all would by default offer HDMI port as their prime connectivity option. However, there is no monitor that come close to what this monitor offers.

If you have ever had a look at a gaming monitor you will know how expensive they are. With the high refresh rates. adaptive sync technology and fast response times, these monitor can get super expensive.

That is where this monitor comes. This monitor is supremely affordable and has all the above features. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate, built in speakers, fully adjustable stand, 1 ms response time, display port, dual link DVI-D, and HDMI port. It is not surprise that this monitor has garnered very high praise from its customers.


HDMI is one of the most widespread and commonly used interfacing port for digital devices. It delivers great quality and easy interfacing ability. However, there are so many PC monitors with HDMI that one article cannot possibly list them all.

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