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Best Adjustable Monitor | Tilt, Swivel, Rotate and Height Adjustment

It makes a lot of sense that people are looking specifically for an adjustable monitor. Judging by the trend these days, the monitors are beautiful but they seriously lack in their adjustability options. You will find thin bezel monitors, that are elegant with their metallic designs, but they unfortunately seriously fail in providing you with flexible adjustability.

These monitors are very limited in ergonomics. The maximum that they would offer is a bit of tilt and nothing else. No swivel, no rotation and especially no height adjustability. So what do people do? Well, they try to mount them on separate monitors stands that actually have adjustable options. However, then not only do you need to pay for a quality stand, but also make sure that the monitor you buy has VESA mounts.

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Top Adjustable Monitor

Almost every major brand out there has an adjustable monitor. Some have various series. So there could be one series for normal use and others for high end use. The high end monitors cost more obviously, but they have features like wider color gamut and higher bit panel etc. Let us now look at some of the best adjustable PC monitors in the market.

Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 – All Rounder

best adjustable monitors

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1200, 8 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 99% sRGB Coverage, VESA (100mm)
Ports: 2 x HDMI, mDP, DP (in), DP (out), Audio, 6 x USB 3.0 Hub
Price Scale: 2.5/10


One of the best all rounder monitor in the market is this Dell Ultrasharp U2415. This a 24 inch FHD+ IPS monitor. You will find this monitor mentioned in several categories as the best. It is almost borderless, it has great connectivity options and it is fully adjustable.

This monitor has tilt, swivel, adjustable and a pivot around which it can rotate 90 degrees. So you can change the orientation of this monitor from landscape to portrait.

Note that this is a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor instead of the conventional 16:9 widescreen monitor. What does that mean? well it basically means that you get more real estate in terms of pixels to work on. A 16:9 FHD has 1920 x 1080 pixels. A 16:10 monitor has 1920 x 1200 pixels. The higher vertical resolution means you can view more of the work space.

This monitor includes a high current USB 3.0 charging port, 2 x HDMI ports, 1 x Mini Display Port, 1 x Display Port, Audio Out, 5 x USB 3.0 downstream ports and 1 x USB 3.0 upstream. You will rarely find a monitor featuring such as large array of connectivity options.

Dell Professional P2417 – All Rounder

adjustable PC monitors

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 6 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Ports: DP, VGA, USB 3.0
Price Scale: 2./10


Another highly praised 24 inch FHD  adjustable PC monitor by Dell. This is a monitor that is perfect for offices. It is not as expensive as the Dell Ultrasharp U2415, but it does have slightly reduced features.

For starters it is an IPS monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio. So it is a normal FHD monitor with adjustibility options. It is also available in many sizes ranging from 19.5 to 27 inch. They all are quite affordable.

This monitor has a slim bezel and it has a very elegant overall look. If you are seeking to enhance your work environment in your office or at home, then this is a good monitor for you.

This monitor offers 1 x DP, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x USB 3.0 port upstream, 4 x USB 3.0 port downstream. Like the Dell Ultrasharp above, this monitor also has a one of the best connectivity options in the market.

ViewSonic XG2401 – Gaming Grade

adjustable gaming monitor

Display: 24″, TN Panel, 1920×1080, 1 ms Response Time, 144Hz, AMD FreeSync, Spearkers, VESA
Ports: DP, 2 x HDMI, 2 x  USB 3.0
Price Scale: 2.5/10


If you are looking for an adjustable gaming monitor, then you are in luck with this. This a rather affordable monitor for being a gaming grade one. It has all the necessary adjustable features like tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. But along with that, it has all the necessary features for being an awesome gaming monitor too.

The ViewSonic XG2401 gaming monitor offers crisp 1080p images, ridiculously fast response times and plenty of useful bells and whistles. – Michael Andronico –

Firstly this is a 24 inch monitor, but you can also find a 27 inch model. It has an FHD resolution. Moreover, it offers a refresh rate of 144Hz, low input lag, AMD FreeSync Technology, and 1 ms response time thanks to its superior TN panel.

The connectivity options on this monitor include HDMI and a Display Port.

Acer B246HL – Budget

adjustable pc monitor

Display: 24″, TN Panel, 1920×1080, 5 ms Response Time, VESA, Speakers
Ports: VGA, DVI
Price Scale: 1.5/10


One of the most affordable adjustable PC monitor. If you want a monitor simply for normal home use, then you can look into this monitor. This is a 24 inch monitor with a TN panel. Note that it does not have an IPS panel like most of the latest monitors do.

This monitor has all the adjustability options that you would expect from a much more expensive monitor. Unfortunately, this monitor has a response time of 5 ms, which deviates from the norm of 1 – 2 ms of the TN panels.

This monitor does not offer an HDMI port. It only has a DVI and a VGA port. It also suffers from a thick bezel.

As you can see, this isn’t a very versatile monitor as far the features are concerned. However, it is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, 24 inch adjustable monitor in the market.

ViewSonic VP2780-4K – Professional Grade

adjustable professional monitor

Display: 27″, IPS Panel, 3840 x 2160, 5 ms Response Time, VESA, Speakers, 100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB
Ports: 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI, 2 HDMI MHL, 2 x DP
Price Scale: 6/10


If you are looking for an adjustable professional monitor, just be ready to pay a very hefty sum. The ViewSonic VP2780 is one of the best monitors in this category, but it is also quite expensive.

This is a 27 inch 4K monitor, meaning it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The professionals who design and edit would know the benefit of a high pixel density. The higher the pixels, the more real estate you have to work on.

This monitor does not utilize any normal IPS panel. Instead it uses the best there is which has Delta E≤2. This ensures the best color accuracy. Furthermore, it has a sophisticated 14 bit 3D look up table which grants this monitor 1.07 billion colors. You won’t even know those colors existed until you see the picture quality of this monitor.

With the screen resolution it has, you can simultaneously display 4 Full HD displays using the Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture feature of this monitor.

This monitor offers 1 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x HDMI 1.4 (MHL),  2 x DisplayPort, and 4 x USB 3.o ports.

All these features may sound too awesome, but this is not a cheap monitor. You will need to plan your budget in order to get this monitor.

Benefits of Adjustable Monitor

As mentioned earlier, most of the new monitors are beautiful but they lack adjustability features. The adjustable PC monitor solve that issue. They are slightly more expensive but they have amazing stands that are flexible, adjustable and also beautiful.

We all know the importance of a correct sitting posture. One of the most important consideration for improving your posture is to adjust the monitor on your eye level. This factor is almost disregarded by most monitors.

With an adjustable monitor, you can easily position the monitor so that it is in a very comfortable viewing angle. This is just one of the many benefits of adjustable monitor. It can save your from eye strain, fatigue and all sorts of pains in the long run.

These stands give you versatility. With the height and depth adjustments, you can view your monitors from many different angles. Furthermore, you can change the orientation of the monitor from the conventional landscape to portrait mode. You can even stack two portrait monitors side by side with these stands.

Should You Rather Go for the Monitor Arm?

One option that you may consider is to purchase a monitor with VESA mounting holes and then get a separate monitor stand or arm. Although this is a good option, quality arms and stands can cost a lot. A quality monitor and a good arm will cost you more than an adjustable monitor.

However, a typical monitor arm does give you more flexibility and cleaner workspace as compared to a standard adjustable PC monitor.

Best Monitor Stands

Who Can Use These Monitors?

Although everybody can benefit from the adjustability options of the monitor stand, they are mostly found on professional monitors. These monitors are used in offices or for professional work such as CAD, graphic designing etc.

That is not to say that an average home user cannot use these monitors. Since they can be found in both affordable range as well as high end range, there is an adjustable monitor for everyone.


Adjustable monitor has a lot of benefits. It can make your viewing angles comfortable and thus save you from eye strains and promote a good sitting posture.

It also has benefits in professional environments. This type of monitor is versatile, but also more expensive than conventional monitors.

You can find adjustable monitors in many price categories. Some of these monitors can get very expensive depending upon the features they have.

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