best wall mounted computer desk

Best Wall Mounted Computer Desk

People are taking smart steps and making use of wall space is a big one amongst them. The wall mounted computer desk is one such example. You will find multiple wall mounts out in market, whether they be wall mounts to hold monitors, large LCD’s or just a whole computer desk.

Yes, wall mounted computer desks are proper structures fixed onto the walls to save floor space and instead make good use of the wall space that until now was thought to be fit for hanging paintings and pictures only.

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The Multi – Functional Computer Desk is Beneficial and Looks Great as well

In fact a room that is empty would look really classy if just one of this single wall mounted desk was fixed in there. They have multiple uses and everyone can play around with different ideas of accessorizing it. You can even change your room into a functional home office with these computer desks, so basically all you have to do is use your mind and show creativity.

No doubt these desks are perfect for smaller rooms but not JUST for them, in fact in spacious rooms their presence might be valued above than all those expensive furniture items. Added attraction to these desks is that many of them come with extra storage space. In the middle usually space is left to place the monitor and on both sides left and right of it, small shelves are made.

So after you have placed your monitor, keyboard and other accessories there is still ample space for great deal of extra stuff, now it all depends on you how you utilize it.

Some prefer placing their books on it and writing pads etc, turning it into a full work station while rest of them prefer decorating it with small flower pots or painting frames. Whatever way it may be, wall mounted computer desks are definitely the kind you’ll fall in love with once you buy.

Coming to the Materials Now

Most of these wall mounted computer desks are made from high quality wood which is then further laminated to give it a classy look. Then there are also desks which are made from steel and wood both. The main structure would be made from steel and the shelves inside will be made from wood.

Whichever material is used, special care is taken that the quality of it is superior that is able to hold the weight of everything put onto it, since not just a monitor is placed but along with it in storage spaces other things are also accommodated.

The Cost

The prices of these wall mounted computer desks vary by great differences. You can find cheaper ones that give medium quality and there are expensive ones that use superior quality materials and even have a very attractive design. Then there might be some that will cost less even though they will too be made from high quality, reason being those brands would be targeting customers so that more of them buy their product.

It is definitely high time that you let go of those old and heavy computer desks that do less good and mostly just make your room look congested. The new design is up for grabs and everyone should make good use of it.

Choose Your Best Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Since competition is high, many brands have worked hard to achieve a better version of these desks; this detailed review will give you an insight into some of the main types and brands for these wall mounted computer desks.

Espresso Floating Desk with Storage

Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Dimensions: 39.5 inches x 19.75 inches x 42.25 inches
Material: Composite Woods
Price Scale: 6/10


Prepac has done a commendable with designing this beautiful and classy wall mounted computer desk. Having a first look at it would be enough to persuade you into buying it. This eye-catchy design comes at a reasonable price which is pretty good, given the features it has to offer.

Instead of the usual nails, Prepac has made it in a way that on the back of it there is a metal hanging rail system that is secure enough to lift the weight of the whole desk. Wall mounting feature is what plays the whole game because it makes use of wall space and is much better than those older versions of heavy and huge computer tables.

This was a very smart move by Prepac because fixing such wooden desk with nails and hammer usually damages the wood, but with this rail system it can all be done safely and easily. In addition to this there is a proper wire management system which secures all loose wires n one place.

Also there is space for attaching an extension wire so that the multipurpose socket board can be used for putting computer switches as well as some others too, like phone charger. In the middle of the desk is the space where you will place your monitor. On both left and right sides of are two removable shelves made with 3 sections.

Those shelves can be used for different purposes, either putting speakers etc or books. Even on the monitor shelf, there is ample space that after placing the monitor you can use it for keeping books or students can do their homework, so basically a computer come study desk. The whole desk is made from carb compliant great wood further laminated so the finish of it is preserved. The espresso brown color gives it a very traditional look yet it is modern in its own way. You can have it your room, lounge, office or even kitchen, because of its space saving effect. Customers totally loved this computer desk.

Along with it came an instruction manual because of which they were able to install it easily. Many of them liked the hidden shelf at the back of the desk which let them hide all the extra cables and cords, maintaining the beauty of the desk.

Those who had a 27 INCHES iMac were satisfied that their computer fitted in easily. Those who had been using it over a year had no complaints with it which is why more than 70 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

HomCom Floating Wall Mount Office Computer Desk with Storage

wall mounted computer desk 1

Dimensions: 19.75″L x 42.25″W x 39.5″H
Material: MDF
Price Scale: 5/10


This elegant wall mounted computer desk by HomCom will look perfect in offices as it has that professional look to it. Moreover, it is super affordable. At the back of the desk are 4 mounting holes with help of which the desk will be nailed to the wall and ensure its stability.

When fixed, this desk will hardly take up any space in your room. the desk itself has a lot of space on it, in the middle the monitor will be placed and on both sides are shelves which have sections in it so that user can place his/her extra things. Those things can either be speakers for the computer, books, files or just decorating pieces.

The working surface is large enough that you can even carry out your writing task on it with much ease; also there are openings for wires so that cables etc are attached in a neat way that doesn’t affect the overall tidiness of the desk. Desk is made from super quality wood to assure customers of its safety and sturdiness. HomCom has brought this desk out in three different colors; black, white and brown.

All three are distinctive colors that will suit all sorts of places like lounges, offices, kitchen and schools/ universities. The maximum weight that it can withstand is 66 lbs, which almost equals to putting three desktop computers. After reading the product description you might be thinking it must be great but the customers weren’t much pleased with, despite it being cheap.

The one major problem they faced was that the instruction manual came with unlabeled parts, which took them a lot of time to assemble. Moreover the mounts that came along the package were only for concrete ones and so they had to buy wall ones and thus only 33 percent of users gave it a full 5 star review.

Wall Mount Laptop Desk – Brown Mahogany

wall mount laptop desk

Dimensions: 26″ W x 6″ D x 20″
Material: MDF, wood veneer, metal
Price Scale: 6/10


This is a slight different version than a usual wall mounted computer desk. It is much more compact and smaller in size since it is built for mainly laptops. Since laptops don’t have any CPU or separate keyboard with it, it only needs a shelf.

This laptop wall mount by SEI is useful in a lot of ways. There are multiple parts to this mount; to put the laptop there is a foldable corkboard, a drawer below that board, and angled paper holder to stack all your extra papers and 4 different compartments to either place your books or speakers.

The foldable corkboard is wide enough to let the user easily work on it making ample writing space. The drawer idea is great because on workstations everyone needs a closed compartment where they can put in all of the extra messy stuff and then clear it afterwards, this keeps the area clean at all times.

When not in use the corkboard will fold back and it will look like a small wooden shelf, and no one can even guess that it opens up to be a laptop desk. It is made from wood veneer which is another type of great quality of wood, so sturdiness of the desk is ensured.

The folding stands are made of metal to make sure the board stays attached and doesn’t fall off. This small space-friendly desk will be suitable for almost every room in your home, even kitchens also offices and work places in universities.

The whole package comes at a fair price. Customers were happy with the design as even after being small it had enough space to hold a laptop and accessories like pencils, writing pads and speakers etc. The only problem was that there wasn’t any hole to pass the charger wire through it. So all in all, about 56 percent of the users gave a full 5 star review.

Utopia Alley Melamine Floating Wall Mount Desk

floating wall mount desk

Dimensions: 43″ W x 32″ H x 19″ D
Material: Melamine
Price Scale: 5/10


Utopia’s wall mounted computer desk comes in two different colors; chocolaty and white at a decent price. The desk is created with melamine which is considered to be more long lasting and the finish is great as well. There is a broad desk in the middle to place your computer on and also carry out writing tasks since there is enough space for both the things and even more.

On sides of it are small shelves constructed so that speakers can be put in them and books etc. On top of the stand is another shelf on which user can put some decoration pieces to make the desk look more beautiful. It is much better than the old huge desks that we once used for computers. This wall mount will not take up any floor space but instead make use of the wall space and that too in small dimensions, yet performing multiple functions.

The desks will be suited in your home, offices, schools, clinics and factories. So basically, it will be preferred everywhere where people need a small workstation. Customers had rather mixed views about this stand. No one gave it a 5 star review and instead all 100 percent gave it a 3 star review. They were happy with the space that was provided and also utilized with shelves.

The complaints they had included that no holes were there to pass wires through and the desk ended up getting messy with cables and cords. Some were not even happy with the material that was used and said that it would have been better if wood was used. The desk was good but at this price, people were expecting slightly better version.


So these were the main designs of these mount desks. Prepac’s design that is mentioned first was the most common one that almost every other brand had. The wall mounted computer desk looks lovely aesthetically and have multiple functional benefits too.

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