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Best Wall Mount Computer Station

Wall Mount Computer Station technology decor is becoming increasingly popular and people are going gaga over them because of the innumerable benefits they hold. They are being used for a variety of purposes involving work and entertainment both. They are conveniently used to attach large screens that otherwise take up a lot of space in rooms and their supporting accessories like speakers etc can also be placed.

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What is Wall Mount Computer Station?

Older designs of computer tables are going out fashion; they are huge and take up a lot of space. Wall Mount Computer Station is the modern take on computer tables, making the whole work station look elegant and tidy. Have you recently bought one of those sleek and slim LCD screens in place of the old desktop version? Well it is high time that you change that you ameliorate its supporting structure as well.

Wall Mounts for computers are very handy because they use the wall space that is left unattended in most homes, and make it functional. Furthermore the height of the stands can be adjusted and therefore monitor can be brought up to a comfortable angle. This feature was never available when computers were situated on desks; they had to be used in the same position for years unless a new desk was ordered to suit the height.

Best Wall Mount Computer Station

Wall Mount Computer Stations are out in the market and available on number of online sites. Every brand is trying their best to manufacture a wall mount that is preferred by most people. We will now do a detailed product by product review that will give you a good idea of where each brand stands in terms of features and affordability.

Versa Tables Adjustable Wall Mount Computer Station

wall mount computer station

Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 60.5 inches
CPU Size: 1.3″ – 11″
Monitor Size:
24 Inch
Price Scale: 3.5/10


This classy wall mount computer station comes at a fairly affordable price. The price may seem high at first glance but the stand has features that will definitely make it worth the money. This versatile mount is suitable for any person, be it a student or an office going adult.

The adjustability features allows the user to adjust the height of monitor according to their specific requirement. A small child can bring it all the way down to his/her height and use it in the same way that an adult may be using. The monitor arm itself has flexibility in it and therefore it can be tilted to 35 degrees.

This tilting feature will allow the user to change the position of monitor to suit lighting or just general viewing angle. Users can even choose between landscape or portrait mode of monitors. Beneath the monitor arm is a wide enough panel of dimensions 24 inches x 8 inches that is fit to place a keyboard as well as a mouse.

In fact the panel is wide enough to make an extra small space for placing a writing pad so that you can note down important things as you use the computer. The last part of this stand is where the CPU is attached. That part is designed in a way that it will hold the CPU securely in its place.

There haven’t been enough customer reviews but whichever reviews arrived regarding this product were positive. They were satisfied with the sturdiness and size of the stand and therefore almost all of them gave a full 5 star review.

Balt Sit Stand Wall Mount

wall mount computer

Dimensions: 25 x 51 x 31 inches
CPU Size: upto 7.5″
Monitor Size:

Price Scale: 4/10


Balt’s wall mount is really useful and looks very elegant as well. It comes at a decent price. When you first look at it you will get a very superior feel from it because of the shiny darkish silver coat that is done on the stand.

The stand itself is not an ordinary one and is made from high quality steel to ensure that all the hardware placed on it stays stable and there isn’t any risk of either the monitor or CPU falling down, since these two are the heaviest ones.

Balt played it smart by placing plastic clips and holders to tie together all loose wires and make sure that the tidiness of the stand is maintained, also if loose wires aren’t tied together then after sometime they just tangle into one another and cause electric shocks which are very dangerous.

Clip holders are therefore safe as well as they keep the stand’s surroundings tidy. The top mount arm is there for the monitor and also is compatible with a VESA plate. The VESA plate that comes in different sizes will hold the monitor in good grip. Monitor can be tilted to 180 degree and can change modes between landscape and portrait.

The height of the monitor arm can also be changed according to the user needs. Then there is a keyboard tray that measures 25” by 8”. In this size, there is ample space for a keyboard and a mouse too on its side. Moreover, to give more comfort to the user while typing, a padded arm rest is built so that he/she doesn’t accidentally place arms on keyboard.

They keyboard tray can also be adjusted with respect to the monitor’s height. The CPU holder is made of high grade steel and it fits easily onto it. This stand can be used both the ways in either sitting or standing position, thus making it ideal for almost all places like universities, schools, homes and/or offices.

Customers gave positive responses regarding it. They were pleased with the professional look of the stand and strong built. All 100 percent users gave this stand a full 5 star review.

Displays2go Wall Mounted Computer Station

Best wall mount computer station

Dimensions: 35.5 x 25 x 39.5
CPU Size: upto 3.9″
Monitor Size:
 upto 27 inches
Price Scale: 3/10


Displays2go has done a good job with their wall mount computer station. It has all the necessary features that are in a computer station. It is painted in white and has very professional look to it. In fact, with this color it will look perfect in medical clinics since most of the décor there is in white color, but even apart from clinics it will be well suited in offices, universities and even schools.

The stand can easily hold all sorts of monitors that fall in the range 14 till 27 inches. This range will easily include all LCD monitors from well known brands. The arm on which monitor will be attached is adjustable and can shifted to different heights as per the user requirements. The keyboard tray is big enough to easily hold a keyboard and mouse.

The mouse isn’t placed in a tight area, but instead can easily be moved. Another interesting feature of the tray is the arm rest that extends to both keyboard and mouse area, this allows user to work with more comfort and prevents wrist pains that user can face otherwise. Moreover, the keyboard tray can be folded back with the stand when the computer isn’t in use, thus saving even more space.

The CPU holder is placed at the top most position, even above the monitor. Now this positioning is good because being otherwise placed on the floor opens it up to the risk of being accidentally kicked by user’s legs. Also the top position makes it easy for user to insert in CD’s etc without having to bend all the way down.

Even though the product was expensive but once the consumers started using it they felt that it was worth spending that amount of money and more than 90 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

Flip-up Wall Mount Computer Station

best wall mount computer

Dimensions: 34.7 x 28.3 x 5.7 inches
CPU Size: Standard
Monitor Size:
Price Scale: 3/10


By Versa Products incorporation, this wall mount computer station costs you the standard amount. It has the usual three parts that every wall mount has. The first arm holds the monitor, and it is adjustable which means that the height can be changed according to which is most suitable to the user.

A 24 by 8 inch keyboard tray has enough space to easily accommodate a keyboard and mouse. The tray can also be folded back with the pole when not in use, thus saving space and even protecting the keyboard or mouse from getting dirty. A standard size of CPU can be fixed to it. The overall design of this stand is very simple without any complex features.

The design is suitable for schools because of the ease of use. Customers were happy with the product since it was really compact. Many people who bought it found it suitable for placing it in their child’s room. The stand, even though doesn’t look that strong but is made from good material that it was easily able to hold heavy versions of monitors as well, without any problem.

Compared to other fancy designs, this was much easy to operate and install, which is why many people preferred it. All those who bought were fully satisfied and then eventually all of them ended up giving it a full 5 star review. So, Versa Products have done a good job in earning user’s preference.

Ergotron Wall Mount Track

best wall mount computer station 2016

Dimensions: 36 x 22.5 x 6.7 inches
CPU Size: Standard
Monitor Size:
Price Scale: 7/10
Rating: NA


Ergotron is famous and well known brand which is why their products are always highly priced. This is a very expensive wall mount. The price is definitely high but there are some brands names that you are sure about.

This is the very same, this wall mount is undoubtedly of the highest quality material and the overall look of it is also very classy and professional. The monitor mount arm is full flexible, in addition to the height adjustment the arm can also be pulled out and brought closer to the user if he wants.

Most common monitors to be mounted on it are the LCD flat panel ones that are widely used these days. Same goes for the keyboard tray; some people like working with keyboard and mouse really close to them so this adjustable arm will fulfill that purpose. The CPU is placed on the top most position, secured in steel holder.

The arms can both be folded against the wall when not in use, to save space and protect the hardware from external damage. The stand can be used both the ways, by either sitting or standing. It can be placed in many situations whether it is in your home or in office at work.

Even though less customers bought it due to the high price but all those who did were highly satisfied and gave it a full 5 star review.

Benefits of these Computer Stations

These stands are designed in a way that within the same space a monitor, a keyboard and a CPU can be placed on it. This means that a room where previously only one computer desk could be accommodated, now two or even three of these wall mounts can easily be attached. Another advantage of using these mounts is that it lets you change the angles of your monitor and how you view.

The monitor arm can be tilted to a certain degree which makes it much more comfortable for the user to work on it. You will not even have to worry about the uneven lighting in the room reflecting on your screen, now all you have to do is move the monitor to enjoy the perfect view.

Their Uses

Busy places like universities, offices and schools often face this problem where almost 70 percent of the floor space is taken up by computer desks, leaving very less space for people to move around freely. With the help of wall mount computer stations, the very same area can be managed in a way that multiple work stations will be allowed along with other forms of furniture to enhance the usage of that area.

On a security point of view, these mounts come with all the necessary hardware that make it really easy to fix and the sturdy design combined with excellent material quality ensures that stand stays in its position without any risk of it falling down.


Wall Mount Computer Station is one of those kind of products that very few know about, but everyone is waiting for. Forget about the old bulky and ugly computer desks that have no cable management and ajustability options.

Wall Mount Computer Station occupy less space then a computer table and look so much cleaner. Generally, these computer station usually have their most benefits in environments like offices, school or commercial entities.

Hope you at least got a glimpse of what these stations really look like here.

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