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Best Monitor Stand with Drawer

Looking to treat your workspace with a monitor stand with drawer. (also known as monitor shelf) You are at the right place. Nowadays, usage of technology is evolving day by day. Be it children, teenagers or adults, every single one is seen engrossed with the newly released gadget on date. These gadgets include a wide range including gaming consoles, television, monitors, laptop and many more. However, the most common device used in every home is monitor.

So it only makes sense to treat your monitors with an accessory like monitor stand with drawer. From increasing productivity at an office desk to entertaining people at home, monitors have become an essential part of our lives.

Be it at office desks, where a nine to five job requires you to sit in front of your monitor continuously for more than six hours, or at home where daily usage of monitors beats 5 hours, eye and neck strains are the most commonly observed problems faced by the user.

When you don’t have your monitor leveled at your height, you will eventually end up having body ache and eye strain. Mostly people complain about shifting in positions then and now in a row to get the accurate view of their screens. The solution is monitor stand.

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Can You Find Height Adjustable Monitor Stand With Drawer

Yes, these are rare but you most certainly can find them in the market. Kantek Height-Adjustable Stand with Drawer is one such example. This may not be the prettiest stand in the market with glass surface and wooden drawers, it is simple, cheap and comes with many different options that you can go for such as single level drawer, double drawers, wide surface etc.

Kantek Height-Adjustable Monitor/Laptop Stand with Drawer

heigh adjustable monitor stand with drawer

Dimensions: 13.2 x 17 x 6.5 inches
Height Adjustments: 3″ to 6-1/2″, in 1-1/4″
Notable Features: 30% Recycled Post-Consumer waste
Price Scale: 3/10


Height adjustment is very important if you are seeking comfortable and ergonomic workspace in which you can maintain a good posture. There is a whole literature on how you should position yourself and how your posture should be for long haul work on computers that you can read about on the internet. This is to avoid back, neck pain etc

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List of Monitor Stand with Drawer

Now that you have realized what wonders these monitor stands do, you would probably be thinking of buying one for yourself. There are numerous monitor stands with drawers or monitor shelves in the market.

For you, we have prepared a list of some of them along with their features. This list will help you in buying the perfect monitor stand with drawer for your monitor or laptop.

Officemate 2200 Series Monitor Stand
Monitor Stand with Drawer

Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.9 x 5 inches
Price Scale: 2/10


This monitor stand with a drawer is just perfect for a user looking for a stand at a reasonable price. It provides a drawer that lets you keep your documents or any other stationery items giving you more room on your desk. This product by Officemate raises your monitor to prevent eye and neck strain.

It easily complements monitors at office desk, strengthening your productivity and letting you have a tidy desk. Not only on office desks but at home too, it facilitates the user to keep his small items in the drawer without having them lost somewhere. It has great reviews on sources such as Amazon and is considered to be productive and decent enough to suit any monitor on desk.

Lorell LLR84148 Monitor Stand with Drawer

monitor stand with drawer 2016

Dimensions: 12.1 x 6.1 x 20.3 inches
Notable Features: Steel Mesh
Price Scale: 3/10


Another monitor stand with drawer in our list is Lorell LLR84148 monitor stand. The exciting feature of this stand is that not only it comprises of a drawer but also has two side compartments to keep your things organized. It elevates your monitor to a certain height reducing your body ache and eye strain.

Having your monitor adjusted with your eye focus level, you will certainly not regret buying this monitor stand. The drawer enclosed lets you keep your papers or things, making your desk less cluttered. You do not have to worry for your tiny things going unnoticed because the two compartments allow you to keep them in order.

This monitor stand is built from plastic material having dimensions of 12.1 inch x 6.1 inch x 20.3 inch. It is recommended by users due to its creative functionality.

Victor Technology VCT11755 Monitor Shelf

best monitor stand with drawer

Dimensions: 15.3 x 15.3 x 8.5 inches
Notable Features: Brushed metal handle, Faux Leather top, Frosted glass window, Non Slip Rubber
Price Scale: 7/10


This monitor stand strengthens your productivity with its exciting features. Not only it has a drawer to accommodate your accessories at one place, the open shelf above the drawer lets you slide in your documents and books.

It elevates your monitor to a height that is compatible with your eye level, facilitating the user to have less body ache and eye strain. The dimensions of this monitor stand are 15.3 inch x 15.3 inch x 8.5 inch.

With a matte black finish, this monitor stand suits any desk be it at office or at home. The sturdy base provides the user to position his monitor in order to have accurate view of screen. What more a user would want in a monitor stand?

Rolodex 82430 Monitor Stand

best monitor stand with drawer 2016

Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.5 x 6.4 inches
Notable Features: Wood
Price Scale: 5/10


A product by Rolodex, this monitor stand facilitates the user by elevating the monitor keeping the user safe from having any eye or neck strains. It includes a drawer to fit in your books or papers easily, keeping your things in order.

The 5 inch high monitor stand comprises of nonskid pads to protect your furniture. The user won’t be dealing with any scratches or spots on his table or floor. It has 16.5 inch x 14.5 inch x 6.4 inch as dimensions. This 5.7 pounds stand is not just productive but the wooden material makes it look decent on any desk.

Safco Products 3230BL Monitor Shelf

best monitor stand with drawer 2017

Dimensions: 11.5 x 19.5 x 8.2 inches
Notable Features: USB Port, Steel Mesh
Price Scale: 6/10
Rating: NA


This monitor stand with drawer is a package of excellent features that include USB ports for your ease. It comprises of a drawer to keep your documents or notes at one place, giving you more space on your desk to work.

Moreover, what make this monitor stand productive are the small compartments on the side to fit in your small accessories, allowing you to have a less cluttered workspace. The sleek interface is due to the steel mesh construction with a powder coat finish.

Who would not want a monitor stand that facilitates the user with a drawer, side compartments and USB port too! This Safco Products Monitor Stand is definitely worth your money.

Benefits of Monitor Stand with Drawer

Monitor stands, or monitor shelf, provide a great facility to the user by elevating your monitor so that the height of your monitor matches with the level of your eye focus. When your monitor is positioned either too low or too high, it often results in back and neck strain. Monitor stands prevents these strains by providing you an option to raise the height of your monitor.

What’s more to these monitor stands is the space provided underneath the shelf that lets you slide in your keyboard when it is not in use, or you can easily store your documents making your desk clean.

On the other hand, there are numerous modified monitor stands that have drawers enclosed with them. These monitor stands not only elevate your monitor to a certain height but also lets you keep your documents in the drawer given. These drawers are easy to use and allow the user to fit in his accessories, keeping his desk neat and tidy.

How Do You Make a Happy Desk Space?

An organized desk space can go a long way in make your work not just productive but also delightful. A good desk space will make you come back to it to work; whereas, an untidy desk space will only make you avoid it.

Think of Your Desk as a Cockpit. – Melanie Pinola –

This definition of a desk space is spot on. You want everything to be in your reach so that you can focus easily on your work. You don’t want your pencil to be lying around in one corner of your room while your folder in another.

For most of us, desktop computers and laptops are an integral part of the work space. In fact, for most, our work revolves around working on computers. So it only makes sense to optimize your work space around the either your laptop, or desktop monitor.

For those of us with limited work space or for those who do not want to reach too far to grab their tools, the computer monitor takes up a lot of space. Along with all the wires running around the monitors, it gets very hectic to form a clean work space.

Thus we recommend investing in a few things that can help make your work space a bit more organized. The most important is a monitor stand with drawer or a monitor shelf. If you have more money to spare, or if you are building your work environment from scratch we would recommend investing in a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. Their wires can always get annoying as they move a lot. You can even invest in bluetooth speakers if you want to avoid wires entirely.

DIY Monitor Stand With Drawer

Well making these stands is not rocket science I can tell you that. If you have the skills, the tools and material lying around, you can probably craft these stands in a day or two. The best thing about DIY monitor stands would be that it would cater exactly to your needs. So you can have as many drawers as you like. You can set the adjustment or make it as beautiful as your skills allow you to.

This goes without saying that you will need good skills with carpentry and woodworking. The question is: should you attempt to make your own stand if you have little to no skills whatsoever? Many people believe that watching DIY videos on making stuff is enough. That is far from the truth. There are exceptions; however, in most cases your materials, tools and most importantly errors can cost you more than getting a ready made on from the market.

Therefore the choice is yours. In any case here is a simple video of someone making a monitor stand for desk. It does not have drawers, but can cost you only about $12 and requires almost 0 skills.

To add drawers and add intricate touches, you will obviously need more skills. The point is that, if you have skills that there is no reason why you should actually buy these stands at all because only you can understand your needs and workspace the most. You can buy stands that can satisfy some of your needs but you may need more. For example, what if you need a pencil holder, a phone charger, a page sheet holder all in one stand but you cannot find it anywhere in the market. Then making a desk by yourself would be much better.


Some people really enjoy working on an organized workspace. Well, monitor stand with drawers are built just for that. You can find a huge variety of such stands. Some are basic with simple pull drawer. Others can be quite sophisticated. They can feature multiple drawers, shelves, compartments for stationary and even USB port hub.

Choosing your best monitor stand with drawer is not a difficult task. It just depends upon your use, taste and workspace. Since most of these stands are cheap, you wouldn’t really have to worry much about planning a budget.

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