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Best Wall Mount Monitor Arm

Wall mount monitor arm are designed mostly for commercial purposes; however, they have most certainly started to become a trend in households. It is mostly the enthusiasts or those who really know how to effectively save desk space that interested in these kinds of mounts.  The usual monitor stands are great too, but these mounts look a lot more sophisticated. Plus, these are the mounts that make the most sense in commercial entities like shops, banks etc where you can display advertisements or banners. In cases where buying expensive wooden or metal computer tables, is not needed, these monitor mounts seem much more feasible.

You can learn about different types of mounts such as dual, triple and quad monitor stands came out and started selling in the market below.

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Essential Requirements

Some essentials for wall mount monitor arm are the standard VESA plates. These plates have mount holes in it of a specific size. Users have to check it with their screens to see which VESA size will be compatible with the stand and screen. The most commonly used sizes are; 75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm, and 50 by 50 mm.

This technology has definitely made lives of many people easier. The design will is perfect for all areas in homes, school labs, offices and factories.

Best Wall Mount Monitor Arm

The famous brands in this line of product are mainly, Locktek, Mount-IT, LX, MX and Amazon basics. People always need advice when buying something technical as this monitor mount. So our detailed review will surely help buyers in this decision.

LX Wall Mount LCD Arm

Wall Mount Monitor Arm

Dimensions: 8.2 x 3 x 4.4 inches
Weight Capacity:  20 lbs
Size Capacity: <32 inch
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
Price Scale: 10/10


This wall mount monitor arm is very easy to use and even install and comes at a price of $ 147. The arm can be expanded up to 64 cm. this means that you don’t have to sit really close to it while working; you can sit where you want and extend the arm to your direction. Afterwards, when you are done working you can even move the arm away and against the wall to save space.  Having this wall mount will help you bring positive changes in your health.

After a month you will feel a great difference in the eye strain that you use to face while working on desktops. Your back ache and headache too will improve. Reason for all of this is that the flexible arm ensures the most comfortable view for its user. Customers gave a very positive response to this product. Many of them said that it had the best quality amongst all other stands that they used. The price was acceptable because generally ergonomics products are costly but this was within the range.

When the stand is drilled onto the wall, Ergotron provides plastic covers for the bolts so that the outlook turns out neat and clean. The additional cable ties make it even tidy as loose cables are managed aside. The overall finish of the stand is great and it is built with high quality material to ensure safety.

The people who had been using this stand for over a year said that they very much satisfied and had no complaints against it whatsoever. For all these reasons, more than 80 percent of the users gave this product a full 5 star review, which is a great achievement by Ergotron.

Suptek Articulating Arm TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

best wall mount monitor arm

Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.4 x 6.9 inches
Weight Capacity:  28 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 27 inches
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
Price Scale: 0.5/10


This super economical wall mount monitor arm has ha price of just $ 9.99. It can easily mount a screen weighing about 13 kgs. The size of those screens should be between 15 to 27 inches, which means Samsung, Dell, HP, Asus and Acer screens will be easily compatible on this stand. To attach the monitor, VESA plates should have dimensions of either 75 by 75 mm or 100 by 100. After attaching the monitor, the stand will allow user to tilt monitor both up and down by 20 degrees.

The arm, obviously, can be rotated in different directions to get a perfect view for working or watching TV. Even after installation, the level of monitor can be changed to make sure a perfect level is obtained. The whole structure is made from high quality steel that will definitely have a long life and the black coat over it adds to its elegance. Customers, however, had mixed views regarding this. On the pro side, people found it easy to install as it came with the necessary hardware.

They were satisfied with the build of the stand and those who had been using it for 6 months said they had no complaints against the strength of the mount arm. The story had another side too which had few issues. The cable clips that came along with the stand weren’t strong enough to hold some heavy wires together.

Some people found that the specifications which were given were misleading compared to the actual features. Some were not at all happy with the mounting accessories that were given along. Apart from all this, since it came at a good price, about 65 percent of people gave it a full 5 star review.

VIVO TV Height Adjustable Gas Spring Wall (MOUNT-VW03G)

Wall Mount Monitor Arm 1

Weight Capacity:  66 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 55″
VESA: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, and 400×400
Price Scale: 6/10


VIVO’s classy wall mount monitor arm comes at a mid range price. Screens of sizes 44 to 55 inches will be adjustable on this stand. This size is bigger than what other stands offer, so VIVO here has targeted the big LCD/ LED screens, this will mainly include the plasma TV’s.

Since the screens are large, the VESA compatibility will also be different that what it usually is. In this case the size of plate should be maximum 400 by 400 mm.  The stand is strong enough to hold screens weighing up to 66 lbs but the minimum weight of it should not be less than 17 lbs.

The added gas spring feature aids in the adjustability of the arm, making it much easy to move the mount arm. The height of the screen can further be adjusted up or down by 12.5 inches. When attached, the TV/monitor can be tilted upward till 10 degree and downwards till 15 degree; furthermore a swivel of 90 degree ensures that viewer gets maximum possible angles. The cable management system built inside is perfect to hold those thick wires that come with large screens.

Customers were happy that the stand was easy to install and instead of having two different drilling locations, it could be attached with just one stud. Some users, however, found it irritating that the vertical motion of the arm wasn’t working and the wall anchors weren’t designed well. The plastic covering on the stand takes away the whole finesse of it giving a rather cheap, when in fact it isn’t.

All in all, about 60 percent of its users gave a full 5 star review. Given the history of how VIVO has been dealing with articulating arms, this wasn’t really a good outcome. They could have definitely done better.

Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount

best wall mount monitor arm 1

Weight Capacity:  70 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 55″
VESA: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, and 400×400
Price Scale: 8/10


Aeon has done great with the wall mount monitor arm. It is basically built for TV of sizes 32 to 65 inches. VESA compatibility for this stand should be less than a dimension of 400 by 400 mm. the moving arm can extend up to 29 inches and can be rotated to 180 degree on both sides. Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP and Asus are the most popular brands to have screens suited with this stand. The powerful stand can support up to 70 pounds and has no welded in joints, the whole arm is one piece which further ensures its safety and security.

The installation process is very easy and afterwards, the monitor can still be adjusted to a certain level. Lifetime warranty is the highlight of this product, when other brands offer 5 or maximum 10 years, Aeon offers a lifetime warranty. Customers gave all positive comments about this product. They were all happy with how easily they were able to install the stand and that it came with all the necessary hardware and tools/screws.

They were amazed at how the arm weighed less than 20 pounds but still could easily hold screens till 70 pounds. Interesting information about this stand is that during a strength test, the arm easily handled weight up to 280 pounds. The cable management system made the whole stand look more professional and clean. Aeon’s mount got astounding reviews and about 93 percent of the people gave it a full 5 star review.

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Wall Mount (MI-42114)

wall mount monitor arm 2016

Weight Capacity:  19.8 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 30″
VESA: 75×75, 100×100
Price Scale: 10/10


The wall mount monitor arm is sure costly at a price $149, but the dual aspect speaks for it. Mount-IT’s arm can hold two screens of sizes between 13 and 30 inches and weighing up to a maximum 19 lbs. Users should check the holes behind their monitors to see that it matches the standard VESA compatibility, which in this case is either 75 by 75 or 100 by 100 mm.

The screens can be tilted and arms swiveled, in addition to the usual rotation. The movements are allowed on sides, right and left, ensuring that the user receives maximum viewing angles.

The gas bring at the base allows for easy height adjustment as per the requirement, in this case it can be done till 7.87 inches. With desk mounts it wasn’t much of a problem if the cable clips weren’t given, but wall mounts have to have cable clips in any case.

Mount-It successfully provides a neat cable management system to organize and ensure tidiness of the whole stand. The stand will look perfect in classrooms, homes, offices and even public areas like malls etc. Having two screens in front will definitely reduce the workload and increase productivity, saving half of your time. The stand has been made with durable materials and this thing is further assured with the five year warranty that Mount-It offers.

This practical and innovative design will not only look good but will also help reduce some health issues that people previously faced, like neck and back strains. People who bought this were happy that the arm was really comfortable to move and the stand was easy t assemble. Coming to the cons, the screws that came along weren’t big enough to mount it and the cable system was not that great either. Summing it up, around 65 percent users gave a full 5 star review.

MonMount Dual LCD Wall Mounting Bracket (LCD-1790B)

best wall mount monitor arm 2

Weight Capacity:  19.8 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 17″
Price Scale: 4/10


When one first looks at this design, he/she gets a very sturdy feel from it. This wall mount monitor arm kind of looks like one of those transformer’s arm, which is a actually a compliment.  This design by MonMount costs around $47. It can mount two screens of up to 17 inches and weight of 22 pounds each.

The stand will look fine in labs, offices and lounges. The screens shouldn’t necessarily be monitors; it can even hold small LCD TVs. The cable management system that comes along with it is good to clear that clutter of wires that users find it difficult to organize. The high quality metal with the black paint finish really adds to the whole outlook of the stand and when two screens are attached to it, it further enhances the look.

MonMount provides a full installation kit along with the stand, which includes all important hardware, screws and tools that are needed to fix the stand onto the wall. Despite the great look, users weren’t that satisfied with the stand. Even though customers were happy with the sturdy built and easy installation, only 50 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

Balt HG Wall Mount Workstation

wall mount

Weight Capacity:  22 lbs
Size Capacity: upto 24″
Price Scale: 10/10


This innovative design sets itself apart from all other wall mount monitor arm. There are three sections to this stand; first is the usual mount arm on which the screen fixes, and then there is a base unit which has space for placing keyboard and mouse and beneath that the CPU can be attached.

The three sides to this single wall mount will definitely attach people to buy it. Apart from the rotation and tilts of mount arm, the keyboard arm too can be adjusted.

The height of the keyboard tray can be changed depending on which is most suitable to the user. Even though originally it is a single wall mount, it still has option of attaching an extra arm thus making it a dual wall mount. Assuredly, once users get used to it they will utilize the second arm option as well. The adjustability of the arms is very smooth; all the effort you need to put in can be done with just one arm.

A very big advantage of this multipurpose stand is that it will save a lot of space. As the stand comes with a keyboard tray there is now no need to place a desk beneath it. The cable holder ensures that loose wires are well organized.

After reading the reviews one might get confused that after such diversity the product got only 50 percent favor by users in terms of full 5 star. The reason is undoubtedly its high price of about $529, which is awfully expensive and therefore reduces chance of potential sales.

Benefits of Wall Mount

With the wall mount monitor arm, a lot of space can be cleared off and it can even make the area look elegant.The story doesn’t just end their, these wall mounts are super flexible and can grant you a lot more flexibility and adjustment options.

Mounting a monitor on wall can help you set the monitors at the perfect viewing angle by further eliminating the need for a desk or table to place the stand on. All you need is some free space on wall to fix in the stand. Consumers can choose from a variety of stands to mount their monitors. Two further divisions for these stands are either single or dual. In dual monitor stands, two flat screens can be mounted on the wall, enhancing the home or shop décor as well as promoting productivity.

Similar to all other stands, both single and dual monitor mounts have arms that allow the user to adjust it. The arms can be rotated to a certain degree to left and right. This adjustability gives user the chance to set a perfect angle. In comparison with desk mount, a wall mount is eye catchy. Some other brands allow tilting and swivel too, adding more to the flexibility of the stand. Moreover, the risk of monitor falling off is less in wall mounts than desk stands. Reason being that the desk on which stand is fixed will often be moved by the user whereas wall mounts keep the monitor it its position without it being disturbed due to any movement.

Dual wall mounts have an edge over single mounts. Obviously it is because of the fact that it can support two instead of one screen. Now it is up to the user how he/she utilizes it. Some people might opt to place a working monitor on one arm and a TV/LCD on other for entertainment. This is definitely a big step up, as now both work and entertainment or work can be carried out in the same place. Even if both arms are utilized for monitors alone, then in that case too productivity will increase.


After this detailed analysis on the best selling wall mount monitor arm, both single and dual, you should have a clearer picture of what to expect. Specifications are important to read before buying, but customer reviews are the most useful ones as users have used it. Apart from all this, wall mounts are definitely beneficial for people who are serious about their work.

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