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Best Quad Monitor Stand

There are many types of quad monitor stand configuration that you can get in the market. You can turn your monitor into an ultrawide screen display or you can turn term them into a video wall. You can do this to improve not only your visual experience but also your productivity.

As we have mentioned in other articles, getting monitor stand is only one piece of the puzzle. In fact it is the easiest. You have so many affordable options to choose from.

The real and the biggest piece of the puzzle are actually the monitors themselves. You need to have the right type of monitors that are  catered specifically for monitor stands in order to have a great experience with the stands.

This article lists some of the monitors designed for monitor stands.

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Features to Take Note Off

It is extremely important that you find the necessary features in it and is up to a general standard.  Speaking of the essentials of a mount riser, foremost of them is the adjustability of the stand and that the arms allow rotation so that monitor position can be changed without any trouble.

High quality of steel, aluminum and steel should be used so that there isn’t any risk of the quad monitor stand falling off or worst, collapsing. Gas spring should also be available since this has now become a commonly found feature in most stands now; the gas spring allows monitor height to be changed without any disruption.

Other than all this, a quad monitor stand should beyond any doubt contain all the prominent features that previously were present in single, dual and triple monitor stands.

This includes things like what is the display size the quad monitor stand can handle? What is the weight capacity, the VESA mounting holes. You also need to make certain if the stand is clamp type or free standing type. Both of these stands have their pros and cons.

The freestanding quad monitor stand can be placed anywhere, but that is not the case with the clamp monitor stand. With the clamp monitor, you will need to hook it to a table. On the flipside, the clamp monitor stand gives much cleaner desk space.

This is what most people expect from this new addition, but expectations aren’t met always. Chances are we might come across some surprising additions or even lose the good features that were once present in previous stands.

List of Best Quad Monitor Stand

We will review the major products so that potential buyers find it easy to make their decision.

MonMount Quad LCD Mount Monitor Stand

quad monitor mount

Weight Capacity:  16 lbs per monitor
Screen Size: upto 24″
VESA Holes: 
75x75mm , 100x100mm
Price Scale: 5/10


MonMount recently launched their Quad monitor stand at a price of $69. The stand can withstand four screens, mainly flat and LED/LCD, of sizes 27 inches. The weight should be not more than 22 pounds per monitor. For more concerned buyers if we look into the details of the dimensions, the maximum width and height of the screens should be of 24 and 18 inches respectively.

VESA plates are a requisite to these stands and must be there for the monitors to attach properly. There are different sizes of these plates and for this particular brand; the two allowable sizes are either a 75 by 75 mm or 100 by 100 mm hole.

Instead of a vertical long view, a more suitable view would be that in which two screens are fixed in a way that the other two would fall right on top of it making it a square like shape, hence taking up less space.

The movable arms are flexible enough to be rotated both right ways and left up to 180 degree.  The bottom of the stand, where the stand is attached to as desk, is designed as a clamp to give full grip and ensure durability. In addition to the high quality of materials used, the stand comes in more than one color so that users can match them to their workplaces.

Customers were very much happy, mainly because they couldn’t find a quad stand in this low price. What they found were all more than $200 and this seemed pretty reasonable.

The design was sturdy and they easily installed it with the help of the instruction book along with necessary tools like wrenches. Tidiness of the stand was further maintained with help of the cable organization system and about 87 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review which is great in the number game.

EZM Pyramid Quad Monitor Mount Stand Free (002-0034)

best quad monitor stand

Screen Size: upto 28″
VESA Holes: 
75x75mm , 100x100mm
Price Scale: 7/10


This quad stand by EasyMount is priced slightly above than that of MonMount, at $81.95. It supports four screens of about 24 inches each. The reason why it is named ‘pyramid’ is because of its structure. The screens are situated in such a way that three will be in the same line whereas the fourth one will be on top of the middle one, thus forming a pyramid.

Users should be careful in checking which size of VESA plates will be compatible with their monitors, which in this case should be either 75 by 75 or 100 by 100 mm. T he base of the stand is of heavy metal so that the stand stays stable in its position, and it can either be placed on the desk or fixed by tightening the screws.

The rotating feature of the arms let you change the mode of the monitor between either portrait or landscape. Furthermore, when attached, the monitors can be tilted up and down to some extent so that the user can have perfect view with respect to the position he/she is sitting in. installation of the stand is done in minutes because of the full tool/instruction package that comes with the stand.

Customers had mixed views regarding this design; the one prominent issue everyone came across was the instability of the monitors. Even with the slightest of move it seemed that monitors were going to fall off. Also, the weight of the quad monitor stand alone is a little heavy, so once all monitors are attached the weight on desk becomes too much. You need to have a heavy table itself so that you don’t topple the entire table.

Only a wooden desk would safely withstand, for glass tables it’s a risk.  Other than this, still many were pleased and wanted to buy more when needed.  About 50 percent of people, therefore, voted a 5 star review.

VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Desk Mount (STAND-V004)

quad monitor stand

Weight Capacity:  22 lbs per monitor
Screen Size: upto 27″
VESA Holes: 
75x75mm , 100x100mm
Price Scale: 4/10


VIVO is a prominent brand name when it comes to buying monitor mounts. The quad stand too is a recent addition to their products.  Four screens of sizes 27 inches and weight 22 lbs each can easily fit onto the stand. The stand is made of superior quality of aluminum and steel to ensure a strong structure, in addition to the base too has been kept sturdy.

The base has a heavy duty C clamp that hold on to the desk so firmly that even a strong movement of the desk will not make the stand fall off.  VESA plates can be moved in both directions to 1 inch so that monitors can be further tilted to give trouble-free view. The VESA plates in this stand are removable, which is not a common feature found in competing brands.

The arms, of course, are gully flexible with 360 rotation and swivel.  The pole on which the arms are attached, the height of it can also be changed and can be brought up or down depending on which position is most feasible to the user.

Customers were pleased because they were satisfied with the strong build and grip of the quad monitor stand which is mostly their main concern. They were easily able to install the stand in minutes and after attaching the monitors the whole look of the stand came out to be classy and elegant.

The only issues they faced were that after a while of usage the paint of the stand started coming of. Itcould even be scratched with a nail. Also the cable management clips weren’t enough for wires of all 4 screens.  These still are manageable problems and so about 77 percent of users gave a full 5 star review.

Loctek DF2Q Full Motion Free Standing Quad Monitor Arm

quad monitor stands

Weight Capacity:  22 lbs per monitor
Screen Size: upto 27″
VESA Holes: 
75x75mm , 100x100mm
Price Scale: 6/10


This technical looking stand by Locktek costs a hundred dollars.  Flat screens or LCD/LED by Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP and LG are easily compatible with the stand.  The size of those screens should fall between 10 and 27 inches, not more. Two arms are fixed on the right side of the pole and two are on the left, thus forming a square like shape when monitors get fixed onto it.

VESA plates should have mounting holes 75 by 75 or 100 by 100 mm. Without any effort, the arms can easily be rotated to give different angles and can even be shifted between a landscape or portrait mode. The base has been designed smartly, the shape is V and the size is wide enough to make sure the stand stays stable; base would be around half the total width of the stand.

Since there is no clamp lever at the base, the desk on which it is placed can be fully pushed back against the wall. This can save much more space now.  This design is fit for anyone who has to work for long periods of time and wants to avoid the neck/back pains and the risk of having weak eyesight.  All in all, this is a great product and definitely worth a try.


These were the quad stands from the most well-known brands. This should have given you at least an idea about what to expect from quad monitor stands.

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