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Laptops are no doubt great but not for those who are bound to the desk all the time. Laptops were never meant for those working for longer periods of time on the same desk, mainly because of the many adverse health effects it holds. There is a reason why they are called ‘laptops and not desktops, so they should be used in the same manner as well.

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Brands for Laptop Mounts

Mount IT, EZM, Loctek and Vivo are some of the well known brands that have manufactured their laptop mounts and they are doing pretty good in the market too. This is all because the need is definitely there and customers felt the change which is why they went to buy more and referred it to others as well.

Working is important but you can’t risk your health for that. After all, it is all about working and living pain-free. Everyone is moving towards a smarter life and laptop mounts fall in the very same category.

They are obviously made for your benefit and so you should avail it as well. This detailed review on some of the most famous brands and their laptop mounts will help you decide upon which one to buy based on the distinctive features they offer and affordability as well.

List of Best Laptop Mounts

Mount-It! MI-3352LT Laptop Notebook Desk Stand Mount

laptop mounts

Dimensions: 24 x 5 x 13 inches
Weight Capacity:  22 lbs
Laptop Size: upto 17 inches
Price Scale: 5/10


This classy laptop mount, by Mount-IT comes at reasonable price. The stand is easily compatible with notebooks belonging to famous brands like Acer, HP, Asus, Apple, Macbook, Toshiba and Sony. The base of that particular laptop should be measuring 14 by 11.8 inch to easily fit onto the stand. When placed on the stand there isn’t any risk of it slipping down since the bottom of the platform has a lip to keep the laptop secure in its position.

There is basically a vertical pole and to that pole an arm is attached that holds the laptop. That particular is adjustable and can be moved up or down the pole so that the user chooses a perfect height for him/ her. The tray itself can be moved left or right depending on where the user is sitting and can also be tilted slightly. The flexibility of the stand gives user more comfort while working and reduces the problems of eye strain, neck pain or back pain that were previously a risk.

The pole is made from high quality steel and the tray from aluminum. Both materials used are strong enough to handle the weight put on them well. The laptop tray further has holes in it to allow for the ventilation of heat that is produced, this keeping the hard drive unaffected from it. C clamp at the base ensures that the stand picks up steady grip from the desk and stays stable.

Even though this is a laptop only, still the pole has cable management clips to secure the loose wires and keep the stand tidy. Customers were happy with the strong built and sturdy design. The only setback to this was that tilting the tray was not easy and screws had to be loosened in order for the tilt to function properly.

Other than this about 76 percent of the users gave this product of Mount-IT a full 5 star review.

Loctek 2 in 1 Single LCD Arm Desk Laptop Mount

best laptop mount

Dimensions: 17.13 x 13.98 x 6.89 inches
Weight Capacity:  11 lbs
Laptop Size: upto 17 inches
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x10mm
Price Scale: 8/10


Locktek’s laptop mount comes at a price of $78. The arm that holds the monitor is adjustable and therefore gives user the perfect angle to work from. Working becomes enjoyable ad reduces harmful effects of normal laptop usage like neck and back pains. Aircraft grade aluminum feature gives an elegant black finish to the stand that is safe from all sorts of scratching.

With the stand you will find cable management clips that tie all the extra wires that would otherwise be left on the desk tangled. Since it is a 2-in-1 design it can even mount a monitor, but obviously not both at the same time. Size of the VESA plates for monitor attachment should be either 75 by 75 mm or 100 by 100 mm. The laptop can further be tilted or swiveled to suit a certain position.

User will not have to keep changing his/ her position in order to work with ease; instead the arm will be extended or retracted. The most common sizes of laptops that will fit fall in the range between 10 and 27 inches. When you buy the stand the package comes with all the necessary hardware that is needed to install the mount.

Given the price of it and the dual aspect, customers were very much satisfied with the stand. They were happy with the overall aesthetics of the stand and that it was able to hold their laptops for long and well. The only problem they faced was that the C clamp that held the whole structure was a little loose and it moved whenever the user tried to move the arm. On an average about 67 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.

EZM Notebook/Laptop Arm (002-0005)

best laptop mounts

Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 5.5 inches
Laptop Size: upto 17 inches
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x10mm
Price Scale: 5.5/10


EasyMountLCD have their laptop arm at a price of $54 which is pretty affordable. It easily lifts your laptop and clears off space from the desk that you can later utilize for better purposes. The height of the laptop can be adjusted up and down to further suit the user requirements. This stand too offers a dual aspect of attaching both monitor and laptop.

When the monitor is attached, it can be rotated and tilted, and can even be changed between either landscape or portrait mode. The laptop arm can be extended up to 570 mm, and the LCD arm extends up to 440 mm. Cable management clips keep the wires all tied up and keep the stand tidy. When you buy the package it comes with all the hardware necessary for installing the stand, therefore taking up less time.

The color of the stand is black which looks elegant and will suit the décor of every room where it is situated. Customers were happy with the quality of the stand as it was easily able to withstand the weight of the laptop or monitor that was put on it.

The mount was easy to install and looked nice when assembled. People who had been using it for a while didn’t have many complaints against it and therefore about 83 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

VIVO Single Laptop / Notebook Desk Mount (STAND-V001L)

laptop mount

Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 5.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs
Laptop Size: upto 17 inches
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x10mm
Price Scale: 4/10


VIVO’s laptop mount comes at a price of $46. It is compatible with most of the laptops and can support weight up to 22 lbs. The keyboard tray can be tilted to 15 degree, while the rotation extent goes up to full 360 degree. Usually what happens is that user has to keep changing his seat in order to give him/her that perfect view, with a moving arm and moving tray all the adjustments will be done to the laptop.

This way work becomes comparatively easy and more comfortable. The C clamp which attaches the stand to the desk is of good built and is designed in a way that it ensures a good and stable grip. Another interesting feature is that the laptop platform, when not in use, can be removed and in place of that a VESA plate can be fixed to attach a 27 inch monitor to it.

The VESA compatibility sizes 75 by 75 and 100 by 100 mm. Already the stand was great for saving space but now with this dual aspect even more space will be saved. Customers were happy with the adjusting features and said that they were very smooth to execute, unlike many other stands in which screws had to be tightened or loosened for it.

The stand is very strong and even with intense typing it doesn’t bounce at all. The installation process was fast and easy. When the stand is attached to the desk it makes no scratches as a rubber pad is fixed onto the C clamp. The only problem that comes is with the vertical alignment of the monitor. Other than this, VIVO did well which is about more than 70 percent of people gave it a full 5 star review.

2 in 1 FLEXIMOUNTS L01 Full Motion Swivel LCD Arm

best laptop mounts 1

Dimensions: 17.3 x 14.2 x 7.2 inches
Weight Capacity: 11 lbs
Laptop Size: upto 15.6 inches
VESA: 75x75mm, 100x10mm
Price Scale: 7/10


Fleximounts too has gone for the dual aspect in their laptop mount, selling at a price of $69. The gas spring hovering system is what makes adjustments much easier than before. The keyboard tray or monitor arm, both, are easily tilted and rotated to suit the requirements of the user.

If a laptop is to be put on the try then its size should be somewhere between 11 and 15 inches and on the other hand for a monitor attachment, size of the screen should be between 10 and 24 inches. The stand is made from fine quality plastic and aluminum. The stand is ideal for creating an ergonomic workstation.

The adjustments to the arm and tray both make sure that the user gets best positioning options and is therefore able to fix it all according to his requirements. The stand will definitely look elegant wherever it is placed due to the black color and finish of the paint. Customers had mixed views regarding this product. The swiveling was hard and they had to put a lot of effort to swivel the arm.

The C clamps are made of plastic and therefore are not strong enough to hold the stand stable. When typing gets intense and fast the stand starts to bounce which becomes really irritating for the user and his / her work gets disturbed.

Overall the design was good but it wasn’t executed well. Still many customers thought that it was good for the price that it was being charged for. As a result of the mixed views only 55 percent of the people gave VIVO’s laptop mount a full 5 star review whereas the rest mainly gave it either a 4 or 3 star response.

Benefits of Laptop Mounts

Laptop mounts, are designed to minimize the bad effects and give users comfort while using. They make good use of space that previously was left unattended and makes working on them enjoyable.

Laptop mounts will give users a good ergonomic posture in comparison to the usual hunched over posture they have while using laptop on a desk. That hunched over posture is really harmful for the shape of your back and can even cause back pains as well as neck strains.

So, having laptops on a mount stand will eventually eliminate these problems. Laptop mounts help users to elevate laptop to their perfect eye level and at a proper distance too. With this, user can comfortable sit back in his/ her chair and enjoy working even if for continuous hours.

You can flaunt your super thin and super fast laptop but little you know the harmful effect it might have on you later. Laptops running on fast microprocessors generate double the amount of heat that comes out from the bottom of the laptop and when placed on your lap can cause serious skin burns, even through proper clothing.

Mounts will, again, save you from this horrific occurrence. Most of the laptop mounts have a proper vented tray that provides cooling while the laptop is working, thus getting rid of all the excessive and unwanted heat.
In addition to this, laptop mounts are space friendly as well. Their compact size easily fits it anywhere in the room.

The articulating arm is what further enhances the experience. The arm is adjustable. This means it can be extended and retracted to a certain length. This way the user can always work comfortably, instead of moving himself he will just move the arm to the desired position.


Getting one of the best laptop mounts can really enhance your workspace and improve your productivity. It promotes a neater environment.

The adjustability of these stands can give your numerous benefits from health to efficiency.

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