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Best Keyboard Wall Mount

Keyboard wall mount is one of those convenient item that you haven’t heard much off. Wall mounts are taking place of a lot of different furniture items. You’ll see wall mounted stands in place of LCD racks. You will see wall mounted stands in place of computer stations and/or study tables. The list will just go on. One cannot deny the increasing popularity of it and demand as well.

Products may be initiated for tests but they never increase in production unless it is ensured that there is appreciable amount of demand for them. Same happened with wall mounts, they were initiated and people responded positively which is why the distribution increased along with different types of it too. Keyboard wall mount is one of them.

Learn about all the different types of wall mounts and stands out there:

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What is a Keyboard Wall Mount?

Every home these days has a desktop with all its accessories. Most of the time accommodating them becomes difficult. Wall mounts, therefore, have definitely made the situation much easier. Keyboard wall mount is designed particularly to mount keyboard and mouse mainly. They are really useful because normally these two parts to a computer are the ones most mismanaged, most of the time they just end up on the floor and therefore break after every few months.

You can fix this stand next to your computer station and comfortably use afterwards. The arm’s adjustability feature is what further adds to the benefits. The arm can be moved to certain distance by either bringing it forward or pushing it back against the wall. Both the ways, user can work easily according to his/her requirement.

Keyboard Wall Mount is Very Easy to Assemble as Well

You don’t have to deal with those nails and hammer. All you have to do is unpack the box and read the instruction manual which explains everything in easy steps. It comes with all the necessary tools and screws that would be needed to fix it and therefore installation becomes easier than ever.

Another interesting feature is the mouse tray that is fixed inside of it. The mouse tray can be slided out to right or to left depending on which side is preferred by the user. This means that the left handed users can now easily use the computer without having to make any self adjustments to it. Arm rest is also is there to give more comfort to the users. Such features show us that brands are now becoming more empathetic and they know if they care about their customers, their products will sell more.

Selecting the Best Keyboard Wall Mount

Keyboard wall mounts are all good; it is very unlikely that one will find something bad or wrong with it. Still, if we look closely into the specifications then there is one that needs to be focused on. The whole reliability of the mount will depend on the material that is being used in building these mounts.

If brands use cheap quality steel or wood or metal then chances are that after few weeks or so the stand will come off, causing a monetary loss to the user. Apart from the material, the design should also be classy so that it looks good everywhere, even if it is in a kitchen.

LX Wall Mount Keyboard Arm

keyboard wall mount

Dimensions: 20.1 x 6.8 x 10.9 inches
Price Scale: 8/10


Ergotron has definitely done a good job with their keyboard wall mount. The arm of course is flexible so that the user can change it as per the position that suits him/her the most. Ergotron allows the arm to extend up to 35 inches which is pretty good.

The vertical height can also be adjusted; this means that an adult or a child both can easily work on it by adjusting it to their particular levels. The vertical height can therefore be adjusted by 13 inches. The keyboard tray is broad enough to fit even the maximum size of a keyboard. Mouse tray isn’t fixed and can be slided to the right or left, depending on what the user wants. This acts as a favor to left handed users who normally find it difficult to use computers since mouse is usually placed on the right side.

A padded arm rest ensures that users get full comfort when they have to work for longer periods and therefore don’t face any type of injury or pain. Overall the design is good and won’t look bad when attached somewhere. Customers, however, weren’t pleased with the quality.

They said that the tray was made of cheap plastic and therefore whenever they placed slightly more weight over it the tray bents and bounces a little as well. If Ergotron made it from metal the design would have definitely ended up with a better response from users.

Some customers were happy and some were not, and so amongst them all about 59 percent gave a full 5 star review. Ergotron, in my opinion, could have done much better.

Mounting Arm for Monitor and Keyboard

Best Keyboard Wall Mount

Dimensions: 33.5 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
Price Scale: 5/10


Pro Signal’s keyboard wall mount is a two in one structure; even then it comes at a super fair price. The stand looks very professional in white and has number of benefits as well. The stand can easily mount a Monitor, Mouse and LCD. Mounting is done via C clamp that ensures the stability of the stand and keeps it secure in its position.

The monitor is attached on it via a VESA plate that provides tilt as well as rotation, compatible sizes for that plate are either 75 by 75 mm or 100 by 100 mm. The keyboard arm too is flexible and can be extended from 8.6 inches to 23.62 inches. Keyboard tray itself measures around 24 inches x 6 inches which makes enough space for a mouse as well.

Monitors of weight up to 22 lbs can easily fit onto the stand. This dual aspect of the stand is very smart, and Pro Signal has definitely done a good job with the design as well. The stand comes along with a mouse pad as well as an arm rest that is padded with foam, in order to give comfort to the user while using. Cable management clips further maintain the tidiness of the stand by clipping loose wires.

The stand will be ideal for places like schools or universities since the stand is fixed into its position and there is no vertical adjustment, just the monitor tilts and keyboard extension. Customers were happy with the strong built and its sturdiness, the only complaint was with the vertical adjustment missing. All in all, about 70 percent of users gave it a full 5 star review.

EZM LCD Monitor/Keyboard Extension Stand Wall Mount (002-0003B)

keyboard wall mount 1

Dimensions: 26.5 x 17 x 6 inches
Price Scale: 4/10


EasyMountLCD has manufactured this dual purpose keyboard wall mount at a reasonable price. The design is simple but still works well for its purpose. The monitor is attached onto the stand via a VESA plate of either size 100 by 100 mm or 75 by 75 mm.

An additional feature to this monitor is the sliding up and down of it that allows the user to position it in any way that he wants it. The dimensions of the keyboard tray are wide enough to easily place a keyboard and mouse on it, the arm can be retracted or extended to a certain length as the user feels like. Both the arms can rotate up to 360 degree along the clamp and the keyboard tray rotates up to 180 degree.

These rotations give further flexibility in the positions that user may decide upon depending on his / her requirements. The installation is also an easy process since it comes with all the hardware that is necessary to mount it on the wall. High quality materials have been used, mainly to steel to make sure it can easily mount the weight and not collapse after some time. Customers on the other hand had mixed views regarding this particular product.

They were happy that the stand was easy to install and use afterwards. Mouse pad was also comfortable and the overall built was strong. The things they had complaints against were mainly with the keyboard tray. The tray is small and it is not even that adjustable in terms of height.

The wrist pad isn’t padded thick and thus user had to put an extra base on it to give full comfort and lastly the tray is bouncy, so even if there is slight fast typing the tray would start to bounce making it really irritating for the user. The brand has given some commendable products which is why they expected more and only 41 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

SDS MINI VESA Mount Keyboard Tray

best keyboard wall mount 1

Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 12 inches
Price Scale: 7/10


SDS has built this classy yet simple design painted in black at a price of$124. This two is a dual purpose stand an in addition to mounting a keyboard; it can also mount a flat screen monitor.

VESA plates are used to attach a monitor onto the stand. They come in different sizes and the customer has to be careful while buying to see that the particular size is compatible with their monitor in this case, for instance the two sizes are either 100 by 100 mm or 75 by 75 mm. When one takes a first look at it, he/she will get a simple feel from it, but contrary to this tray has hidden accessories as well.

There is a mouse extension tray that makes space for a mouse, and then there is a utility pocket that can be used for multi purposes like either placing in stationery or just a drink while you’re using it. In addition to these there is a utility tray as well that can be fixed beneath the keyboard tray. That tray will be of great use as extra stuff can be put onto it. These added accessories are beneficial but they have to be bought separately from the stand, although the total cost would still fall in somewhat the same range.

The whole structure is very compact and can easily fit even in tight places. The stand will be perfect for places like small work stations and small office cabins. Customers were really satisfied with the whole product. They liked how it was easily manageable and still a very strong design.

The stand looked perfect when placed even in small places, without making the area look congested. Many of them had been using it for a while and still they had no complaints against it whatsoever. Due to all these reasons about 83 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

D-395-131 Healthcare Wall Mount LCD Keyboard Combo Arm

best keyboard wall mount 2016

Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 12 inches
Price Scale: 10/10
Rating: NA


CUZZI soho furniture has built this adjustable keyboard wall mount selling at a pretty high price. Price is definitely high but it speaks for the high quality material that has been used to manufacture this stand. Plus it is designed for long monitors.

It comes with a keyboard tray as well as a VESA plate to mount an LCD as well. The arm extends to a great length and therefore is ideal for using even when you are in your bed. The extension length can go up to 39.5 inches. The keyboard tray has a mouse pad along it as well and can be tilted to a certain extent to cater to user requirements.

VESA plate compatibility sizes are 100 by 100 and 75 by 75 mm, when attached the monitor can be tilted, rotated and even swiveled. The weight of the monitor should not exceed 26 lbs otherwise it will put pressure on the stand and make it weak. The installation however is to be done on a concrete wall as the hardware that comes along it is that suited for a concrete wall.

There aren’t many reviews on it yet but the overall design is classy and will look nice when fixed anywhere. The high price might be a factor that pulls down possible sales of this product but if CUZZI has made a strong and user friendly design then it will surely be preferred by many.


These were main types of keyboard trays that are out in the market and are being bought by customers. If the products did not interest then at the very least they should have given an idea to you about what kind products and price to expect.

All in all, keyboard wall mounts can grant you flexibility and adjustability to enhance your work environment

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