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Best Adjustable Monitor Stand for Desk

This article talk about adjustable monitor stand. These are different from monitor arms. Adjustable monitor stands are basically small platforms that you put on your desktop.

Adjustability. We all need it in every aspect of our lives. Whether it comes to adjusting the height of your chair or if it’s about adjusting the connections of your cable, we all want a room to adjust things according to our needs.

When it comes to adjusting your monitor, often we end up with a display that is either too low or too high resulting in body ache and neck strains. In order to have that perfect view, eventually the user has to lean forward with hunched shoulders or has to position himself uncomfortably both tries resulting in an awful experience.

Monitor Stand

monitor stand for desk 8Learn about all kinds of monitor stands, arms and riser that you can find in the market. Learn about the best in the category. You may also find monitor stand with drawers interesting.

Monitor Stands for Desk Help A Lot

Users, particularly office workers complain about body ache and eye strain. This is because of the several hours they spend on their office desks working with a monitor which is not positioned in accordance to their eye level. Users sitting at home too have to face this problem, where the experience of watching a movie gets disrupted by the several times they have to position themselves to get that perfect view of the screen.

Monitor stands are the perfect way to get rid of these problems. It adjusts your monitor’s height according to your eye level, letting you have a smooth experience with your monitor. The elevated height prevents the user from dealing with back and neck strains, letting the user have more room for productivity.

Sitting at a computer for long periods of time can take a toll on your body. By not sitting with the correct posture, it is easy to end up with back pain, neck pain, knee pains, and a tingling of the hands and fingers. –

Adjustable monitor stands are more functional as they provide the user with a facility of adjusting the height of his monitor to an extent that is more compatible yet productive for the user. These stands are widely used at homes and offices providing ease and comfort to the user by raising his monitor’s height.

How to Know Which Monitor Stand is Perfect for Your Monitor?

For that, you would need to do some homework regarding your monitor. The size, weight and model of your monitor should be well known so that you should have an impression that this monitor stand would accommodate your monitor easily.

Moreover the durability and structure of the stand should be considered mainly, before buying a monitor stand. For your ease, we have brought with ourselves a list of some of the adjustable monitor stands along with their specifications.

List of Adjustable Monitor Stand for Desk

We have tried our best to list the best adjustable monitor stands that are there in the market. However, in the end it all depends on your preference. What kind of height adjustment do you need? Do you need a drawer or not? It all depends upon your needs.

In any case this list should at least help you know what kind of products are available out there.

2lb Depot’s Adjustable Monitor Stand

adjustable monitor stand

Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 40 lbs
Height Adjustments: 1″ to 4″
Price Scale: 2/10


This monitor stand from 2lb Depot has an amazing feature of not only elevating your monitor to a certain height but providing you with an option to adjust the height as well! The adjustable monitor stand can easily be adjusted to 1 inch, 2 3/8 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch giving the user a facility to enjoy his experience with numerous options of adjusted heights. The elevated height prevents you from having any eye or neck strain, facilitating you with a smooth experience.

The space under the shelf lets you store your documents or notebooks easily, making your desk less cluttered. This stand made from sturdy high impact plastic can accommodate up to a weight of 40 lbs. The surface area is around 15.5 inch x 11.5 inch, that can easily hold your monitor, laptop or even printer!

3M MS80B Adjustable Monitor Stand

best adjustable monitor stand

Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 3.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
Height Adjustments: 1 inch to 5-7/8 inches
Price Scale: 2/10


A product by 3M, this monitor stand can elevate your monitor from 1 inch to 5 7/8 inch in increments of 1 5/8 inch. The raise in height of your monitor not only helps in reducing eye strain but also provides you with great viewing angles. The black designed stand has dimensions of 11.5 inch x 16 inch x 3.5 inch.

The 11 inch space between the columns allows the user to store his documents or even laptop underneath the shelf, letting the user to have more workspace. What’s more to this monitor stand is the non-skid column base that makes your device stay securely at one position. This stand can hold a weight up to 80 pounds. It complements your monitor, laptop or printers be it at your office desk or at your home!

Kantek MS500 Adjustable Monitor Stand

best adjustable monitor stand 2016

Dimensions: 13.2 x 20 x 6.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
Height Adjustments:  3″ to 6-1/2″
Price Scale: 2/10


Another adjustable monitor stand in our list is this Kantek’s stand which provides the user with a 20 inch x 13-1/4 inch base allowing the user to place his monitor, laptop or even fax machines easily. This monitor stand elevates your monitor to a certain height that prevents you from having eye strain and body ache.

The user does not have to lean in order to have an accurate view of his screen. The height can be adjusted from 3 to 6-1/2 inch in 1-1/4 inch increments allowing the user to get maximum productivity with the increased height. This monitor stand can easily complement your monitors or laptops at your home and at your office desk.

Fellowes Office Suites 8031001 Monitor Stand

best adjustable monitor 2

Dimensions: 4.6 x 27.7 x 14.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
Height Adjustments: 2-1/2″ (between 4″ and 6-1/2″)
Price Scale: 3/10


An exciting feature about this monitor stand is that it comprises of a drawer that stores your accessories making more room on your desk. The height can be adjusted to 2-1/2 inch providing a view that is compatible for the users not wanting to deal with eye and neck strains. The monitor stand can accommodate monitors of 21 inch and weighing about 80 lbs.

If you are thinking that this monitor stand would create scratches on your desk, then let me tell you that it is enclosed with non-skid rubber feet that prevent scratches on your desk.

The stand has not only a drawer to accommodate your documents but a cup holder to let you enjoy your coffee without spilling it on your desk. This monitor stand is a complete package of outstanding features and is recommended by several users!

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

best adjustable monitor stand 2

Dimensions: 16.1 x 2.8 x 11 inches
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs
Height Adjustments: up to 4-7/8 inches
Price Scale: 2/10


This monitor stand facilitates the user with column style legs that can be stacked in order to achieve the optimum height. The height can be adjusted to 4-7/8 inches allowing the user to get maximum productivity from accurate viewing angles.

There is an 11 inch wide space to store in your laptops or gaming consoles. You can also easily slide in your documents or books underneath the shelf, keeping your desk neat and tidy. This monitor stand can accommodate monitors, laptops and even printers with a weight limit of 22 pounds.


Many of us sit on the computer for longer than the recommended period. We do not stretch, sit in awkward positions and as a result make ourselves prone to myriad of problems.

Most of the explainable neck, back, or knee pain that people face could most probably be due to their incorrect posture while sitting on a computer. Therefore, it is important to invest in adjustable monitor stand for desk in order to ensure the optimal and comfortable posture.

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