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Best Monitor Stand for Desk

Accessories like monitor stand for desk play a pivotal role in your experience. Many people don’t realize this, but a good monitor stand can save your from bad posture and improve your overall visual feedback. Most of the stands are adjustable meaning you can position them according to your needs, thus making things quite comfortable.

Monitor stands not only have great ergonomic, they can also enhance the organization and aesthetics of your deskpace. There are some monitors stands that are specifically designed with storage and drawers so that you can accommodate and organize your stuff.

Most of the times, the native stand on the monitor is not adjustable. You most certainly can get monitors that already come with adjustable stands, but they are more expensive. With a stand that is not adjustable, you generally have to adjust your sitting position to view the screen properly. With a separate stand, you no longer need to adjust yourself, you can simply adjust the monitor.

A good monitor can save your from aches and bad posture. Having your monitor in an incorrect angle would result in hunched shoulders and back. Monitor stands are perfect to adjust your monitor the way you want to view your screen.

When you are just simply tired of tolerating awkward sitting positions and if you just cannot stand the strain on your neck or back, then you are definitely in need of a monitor stand. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Best Thin Bezel Monitors

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S ReviewIf you here looking for practically no bezel monitor, then you to check this article out. The slimmer the bezel, the better would be your multi monitor setup. A slim bezel entails a better continuity between two screens.

Categories of Monitor Stands

Monitor stands come in several categories. There are the simple monitor stands for desk, then there are more specialized monitor stands such as those with storage and drawers. Stands can either be a platform where you can place your monitor or stands can be mounts where you can hook up your monitors. These are commonly known as arms. We will explore all of these here.

Single Monitor Stand

If you want to clean up your office desk space then you will find these stands very useful. Most of the native stands that come with the monitors are too lacking in their adjustability options. Therefore, hooking you monitor on one of these stands can make your experience much more comfortable.

single monitor stand 2016

Here you will find the collection of some of the well known single monitor stands in the market. You will at least get an idea about how they look like and what price point to expect.

Dual Monitor Stands

Dual Monitor Stand

One of the most sought after stand are the dual monitor stands. These monitors come in various sizes and adjustability options. They also have several styles and support for many different sizes of screen as long as they are VESA compatible.

vesa mounts

 We will explore the best dual monitor stand in the following article:

Dual Monitor Stands

Triple Monitor Stand

Three monitors is usually the preference for the hardcore enthusiasts. A triple monitor display is ultimate in efficiency, productivity and also for entertainment. For a true immersive entertainment experience, these are the stand to go for.

free standing stand

Although you can keep your three monitors on their native stands, placing them on triple monitor stands can give you more adjustability options and also a lot more rigid display.

Triple Monitor Stands

Quad Monitor Stand

For the ultimate display setup, quad monitor stands is what you need to consider. Remember, a fully mounted quad monitor mount is pretty heavy so make sure you have a table to support the weight.

quad monitor stands

To take your productivity or viewing experience to a very high level, this is what you should be aiming for. Albeit, you need to get the monitors first which can be quite expensive.

Quad Monitor Stands

Monitor Wall Mounts

Monitor wall mounts have many purposes and they are suitable for commercial environments. However, you can also use them in your household for a much more beautiful and sophisticated workstation.

wall mount monitor arm 2016

Wall mounts, like any other monitor mounts, help make work more productive and give you a lot more adjustability.

Monitor Wall Mounts

Monitor Stand for Desk

The article on this current page you are viewing covers the topic of these stands. Remember, these are stands not arms. Arms can sometimes be confused with stands; however, in professional terms they are entirely different. Monitor stands for desk are simple platforms that can sometimes have added functionality like USB hub.

monitor stand for desk 3

These stands are just designed to make your work environment more comfortable and delightful. Check out some of the monitor stand for desk that listed here in this page (scroll down)

Monitor Stand with Drawer (Storage)

These are a special type of monitor stands for desks that have the added functionality of drawers. For productivity and tidying up your desk space, these are best monitor stands to have.

monitor stand with drawer 2016

These stands are fairly affordable but can really help you a lot with organizing your work environment. Plus they look very cute and clean.

Monitor Stand w/ Drawer

Adjustable Monitor Stand For Desk

Adjustability is an important feature that many seek in their stands. If you want the option of elevating your stand to a level that makes you feel comfortable and enables a good posture, then you need to check out these stands.

best adjustable monitor stand 2016

Adjustable monitor stands for desk come both with storage and without storage (drawer). You can check out some of the best out there by clicking below.

Adjustable Monitor Stand

List of Best Monitor Stand for Desk

Remember, if you are looking for other types of stands i.e arm mounts, stand with storage etc, then you need to visit those pages.

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand

moniot stand for desk

Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.7 x 9.1 x 4.1 inches
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs
Notable Features: Aluminium, 4 x USB ports, Mic port, Headphone Port, Adjustable
Price Scale: 8/10


First monitor stand in our list is the Satechi F1 monitor stand. The most exciting feature about this monitor stand is that it comes with a facility of providing four USB ports. This provides ease in terms of connectivity options. Furthermore, this monitor even offers a headphone and microphone port.

It has a modern design with a sleek looks. This monitor stand can hold up to a weight of 22 lbs. It provides two preset heights to balance the height of your monitor in accordance to your eye level. This monitor with its exquisite features and looks is an awesome accessory to have on your desk.

MoKo Monitor Riser Stand

monitor stand for desk

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.74″ x 8.26″ x 1.73″
Weight Capacity:  30.9 lbs
Notable Features: Aluminium,Non Slip Mat
Price Scale:  6/10


Being made from aluminum material, this stand has the capability of accommodating your mouse and keyboard in the space provided under the shelf. This sleek looking stand organizes your desk and has 15.74 inch (L) x 8.26 inch (W) x 1.73 inch (H) as stand dimensions.

The MoKo monitor stand can facilitate up to 30.9 lbs or 14 kg. It can accommodate various devices ranging from monitors, laptops to printers. The MoKo Riser stand is considered to be sturdy and spacious in holding your monitor.

Note that this model does not have a USB Hub.

Mount-it Glass Monitor Stand

monitor stand for desk 1

Dimensions (LxWxH): 22″ x 9″ x 3″
Weight Capacity:  66 lbs
Notable Features: Glass, Aluminium Legs
Price Scale: 5/10


A very sturdy stand capable of withstanding 66 lbs. Also one of the most affordable monitors stands to have.

It comes with a decent glass stand giving you a 3 inches elevated display. The space under the monitor stand is provided to facilitate the user with options to accommodate his keyboard and mouse both.

It can entertain a numerous range of laptops, monitors, flat panel TV bases, gaming consoles, DVD players and streaming devices such as Apple TV.

This is one of the few stands in the market that has received flawless reviews from many satisfied customers.

Stand Steady’s Monitor Stand

monitor stand

Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.5″ x 10.25″ x 4.8″
Weight Capacity:  35 lbs
Notable Features: Melamine Coated Particleboard, Aluminium Legs
Price Scale: 10/10

buy-at-amazonThis jumbo monitor stand, stands out in the list with its rather larger surface and also a high 4.8 inch elevation. This height can prevent you from having neck and back strain if your sitting position is quite low. This monitor stand expands your workspace by giving you a facility of sliding your keyboard and mouse under your monitor shelf. Moreover, the space given on the stand can easily accommodate stuff such as speakers along with your monitor.

The stand has a 23.5 inch x 10.25 inch top, having a capacity to hold around a weight of 35 pounds. The legs are made of aluminum and the monitor stand is too easy to assemble with just four screws.

Suaoki Monitor Stand

monitor stand for desk 3

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.75″ x 8.26″ x 1.73″
Weight Capacity:  35 lbs
Notable Features: Aluminium
Price Scale: 9/10


A rather sleek looking monitor suited for minimalist and simple office or home decor. This monitor greatly complements Apple products ranging from monitors to laptops. With a capability of managing a weight of 35 lbs, this monitor stand is suitable for upto 27 inch monitors.

This monitor isn’t too elevated. In fact, it is one of the lower monitors in this list. The preference of the height depends all on your sitting position. This is not an adjustable monitor stand.

The dimensions of this stand is about 15.75 inch (L) x 8.26 inch (W) x 1.73 inch (H) in size which is appropriate for office desks.

BESTLIFE Monitor Stand

best monitor stands

Dimensions (LxWxH): 119.7 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches
Weight Capacity:  68 lbs
Notable Features: Acrylic Sheeting
Price Scale: 9/10


BESTLIFE calls it the waterfall stand and it is made out of a strong, clear and beautiful Acrylic sheeting. The material give this rather elevated monitor stand the capacity to hold 68 lbs. This is far more than you will ever need for your monitor.

The dimensions of this stand are 19.68 inch (L) x 7.87 inch (W) x 3.94 inch (H). The laser cut acrylic frame is decent enough not to just look good, but in providing ease for its users.

Allsop Redmond Monitor Stand

monitor stand for desk 4

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.6 x 11.0 x 4.2 in
Weight Capacity:  40 lbs
Notable Features: Contemporary Design, Non Skid Surface, Santoprene Coated
Price Scale: 10/10


A very budget friendly and unique looking monitor stand with a decent elevation. This monitor has a small surface, but it is elevated to a height of 4.2 inches. The elevated height reduces the eye strain and back pain allowing you to be at the optimum level with your screen. It can accommodate a weight up to 40 lbs or 18 kg. The dimensions of this stand are 14.6(L) x 11.0(D) x 4.2(H).

The holes on the surface promote good ventilation for your devices – a rare feature to have. Often the monitors placed on monitor stands tend to be displaced back and forth, but this has a base with dark Santoprene coated platform. Basically, this would grip your monitor in place.

Allsop Monitor Stand

monitor stand for desk 6

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15x 11x 4.5 inches
Weight Capacity:  40 lbs
Notable Features: Super Affordable, Small and Compact
Price Scale: 2/10


This a compact monitor stand for small monitors and congested space. If you are going to be using the stand primarily for laptops or for monitor about the size of 22-24 inch maximum, then this a very affordable option.

It is designed to keep your electronics cool. With the holes underneath, your devices can stay well ventilated. It has a capacity to store your keyboard under your monitor when not in use. This monitor stand can accommodate a weight upto 40 lbs.

It is not just compatible with monitors and laptops, but it can accommodate printers, gaming consoles, DVD players and stereos easily.

This monitor stand does have other size options to choose from.

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand for Desk

monitor stand for desk 7

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.6 x 11.1 x 4.2 inches
Weight Capacity:  40 lbs
Notable Features: Super Affordable, Compact, Metal
Price Scale: 1/10


Hands down the cheapest monitor in the list as well as in the market. This is a compact monitor stand that is exactly what it’s name suggest: basic. If you do not care much about the looks, then go for this. It can save you quite a bit of money.

Being a product of AmazonBasics, this monitor stand is cheaper than other monitor stands in our list and comprises only of the essential features an ideal monitor stand should possess. The dimensions of this monitor stand are 11 inch (L) x 14.6 inch (W) x 4.25 inch (H). Having a capacity to hold a weight upto 40 pounds, this monitor stand raises the height of your monitor or laptop by four inches.

The space under the shelf is 13 inch wide that lets the user slide in his keyboard, gaming console or DVD player. This monitor stand not just provides a handful of features but is also decent enough when it comes to looks. This stand is available in two colors: black and white.

Why a Monitor Stand for Desk is Useful

Getting a monitor stand is tremendously useful. It has a lot of benefits which you may have otherwise disregarded. Here are just a few of them.

Height is Adjusted

Having a monitor stand for desk brings numerous benefits. Adjusting your monitor’s height is one of them. The user is facilitated to adjust the height of the monitor according to his own eye level. This results in accurate viewing angles, more productivity and less strain on body.

Reduced Eye Strain

Having a monitor stand can also reduce your eye strain. Often a time, your monitor is either placed too low or too high resulting in eye strain faced by the user. This position is difficult to deal with especially for people having excessive usage at office desk or at home. Monitor stand allows the user to alter the position of the monitor in accordance with his eye level, reducing the eye strain.

No More Back and Neck Pain

One of the advantages of a monitor stand for desk is that the user does not have to lean-in which normally causes back and neck pain. When your screen is positioned too far, it requires the user to hunch his shoulders in order to have an accurate view. Monitor stands let you regulate the position of your monitor according to your needs.

Less Cluttering on Desk

If you are a user looking for something to accommodate your monitor or laptop to prevent cluttering on your desk, then monitor stand is all what you need.

Before buying a monitor stand, the user should consider some facts about his monitor to get the perfect monitor stand. We have a list of things that you should definitely consider before buying a monitor stand.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Stand for Desk

This is true only if you are looking for stands in this category, i.e. Monitor stand for Desk. It may or may not apply to other categories.

Size and Model of Your Monitor

Before choosing a monitor stand, you should take into account the size and model of your monitor. Nobody wants a monitor stand that is not compatible with the size of his monitor. Make sure that it is suitable for the size of your monitor.

Make a very good note of the height as well. If you want a stand that is 2 inches high, then do not get yourself one that is 4 inches high. This would beat the purpose of improving your posture.


One of the things to consider before buying a monitor stand is the structure of your monitor. Can the particular monitor accommodate the size of your monitor? Is it sturdy enough? If your monitor stand is built out of inferior material, it will not last long thereby leading you to have an awful experience.

For this, you need to pay attention to the weight withholding capacity of the monitor stand.

Weight of Your Monitor

Noting the weight of your monitor is essential before buying a monitor stand. The larger the monitor, the heavier it is usually. So make sure the stand is compatible with the weight of your monitor.

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Monitor stands can not only proof to be comfortable but can also save your from myriad of pains and aches. Investing in a good stand is always a good idea.

There are many different types of stands, mount/arms. The choice depends upon your use. Be sure to read about them in order to decide which one suits your needs the most.

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